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Product ID:PS006 
Chemical Name:Dimethoate 
Cas No.:60-51-5 
Molecular Formula:C5H12NO3PS2 
Molecular Weight:229.2574 
Appearance:White crystal 
Usage:Control of a wide range of Acari, Aphididae, Aleyrodidae and so on. 
Molecular Structure: 

Control of a wide range of Acari, Aphididae, Aleyrodidae, Coccidae, Coleoptera, Collembola, Diptera, Lepidoptera, Pseudococcidae and Thysanoptera in cereals, citrus, coffee, cotton, fruit, grapes, olives, pastures, beetroot, potatoes, pulses, tea, tobacco, and vegetables. Also used for control of flies in animal houses.


Appearance White crystal
Content(G/L) ≥98.0%
Acidity (Calculated by H2SO4) ≤0.5
Moisture(%) ≤0.2
Acetone insoluble matter(%) ≤0.2



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