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Product ID:PS003 
Chemical Name:Glyphosate 
Cas No.:1071-83-6 
Molecular Formula:C3H6NO5P 
Molecular Weight:167.0572 
Appearance:White powder 
Usage:Control of annual and perennial grasses and broad-leaved weeds, pre-harvest,post-planting/pre-emerge 
Molecular Structure: 

Control of annual and perennial grasses and broad-leaved weeds, pre-harvest,post-planting/pre-emergence, in stubble,in cereals, peas, beans, oilseed rape, flax and mustard, at c. 1.5-2 kg/ha; as a directed spray in vines and olives, at c. 4.3 kg/ha; in orchards, pasture, forestry and industrial weed control, at c. 4.3 kg/ha. As an aquatic herbicide, at c. 2 kg/ha


Appearance White powder
Content ≥95.0%
Formaldehyde ≤0.8g/kg
Nitroso glyphosate ≤1mg/kg
Insolubles in  Sodium hydroxide ≤0.1%
PH value 4.5-6.8



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