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Product ID:CM012 
Chemical Name:Barium Sulphate 
Cas No.:7727-43-7 
Molecular Formula:BaSO4 
Molecular Weight:233.40 
Appearance:Non qualitative white powder. Non toxic, not soluble in water, soluble in smoking Sulphuric Acid, slightly soluble in boiling Hydrochloric Acid. Chemical property is stable, it’ll reduce to Barium S 
Usage:It can be used as filler for paint, printing ink, rubber, plastic, insulating tape, surface paint ag 


Barium Sulphate (as drying base)                      98% Min
PH Value (100g/suspending matter)                  6.5—8
Water-soluble                                                        0.2% Max
Iron(Fe)                                                                   0.004% Max
Sulphite                                                                   0.003% Max
45um sieve residue                                               0.1% Max
Oil absorption (g/100g)                                         15—25%
Whiteness                                                               94% Min
Acetic acid                                                               0.6% Max
Moisture                                                                  0.2% Max
Packing:Net each in 25kg plastic woven bag, lined with PE bag.



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