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Product ID:PHMA012 
Chemical Name:Florfenicol (USP/BP/CP) 
Cas No.:76639-94-6 
Molecular Formula:C12H14CL2FNO4S 
Molecular Weight:358.2 
Appearance:This product is white or milky crystalline powder, odorless, bitter taste. Dissolves in dimethyl formamide easily, can dissolve in methanol, dissolve few in glacial acetic acid and slightly soluble in 
Usage:Florfenicol's antibiotic principle is similar to the chloramphenicol and Thiamphenicol's. It mainly 


Standard: conform to the Standard of Department of Agriculture

  • Content:≥99%
  • Fnp:152℃-156℃
  • Impurity:≤2%
  • Specific optical rotation:-17.5°
  • Acidity:PH4.5-6.5
  • Chloride:0.02%
  • Fluorin Content:>4.8%




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