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Product ID:FA004 
Chemical Name:Calcium Citrate Malate(enterprise standard,98%) 
Cas No.:142606-53-9 
Molecular Formula:C16H14Ca4O19 
Molecular Weight:670.583 
Appearance:White crystal powder 
Usage:It is a compound salt of citrate and malate, widely used in food, health product, edible salt 


Items Specification
Calcium assay   % 21.0-26.0
Loss on drying  % ≤14.0
PH 5.5-7.0  
Carbonate as CaCO3 Qualified
Heavy metals (as Pb) % ≤10mg/kg
Arsenic(as As) % ≤3mg/kg


Character: 1. It has a good taste of fruit and no other smell.

                     2. High calcium assay, it is 21.0%~26.0%.

                     3. Calcium uptake by the human body has a high absorption rate.

                     4. It can inhibit calculus while calcium supplement.

                     5. It can enhance iron absorption in human body.



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